Procter & Gamble Executive

Peggy is 49 and has been with P&G for 24 years.

Over her career Peggy has worked in R&D technical centers, overseas, and is now an Associate Director.

She has built up a sizable balance in her profit sharing trust (PST), owns company shares through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan, and receives company stock option awards and/or restricted stock awards twice per year. Peggy believes in diversification and has saved and built personal investment accounts as well.

The company has been periodically re-organizing, selling brands and offering retirement packages and Peggy would like to re-evaluate her financial situation. If there is an attractive buyout offer, she is retirement eligible and may be interested in pursuing an offer.

In addition to a retirement simulation analysis, Peggy would like to optimize the execution of her company stock options and RSU’s and is considering whether to diversify some of her PST shares next year.

Peggy decided it was time to hire a professional investment adviser to help her identify her investment preferences and risk tolerance, optimize plans to strategically exercise her stock options and develop goals and plans with multiple scenarios, including a retirement package scenario.

Peggy looked for a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) for goal planning, to manage her personal investments, to monitor her options exercise schedule, and to provide guidance related to all of her investment assets for her goals, diversification and tax minimization.

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