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What’s Your P&G Financial IQ?

Get Access to Inside Procter & Gamble Stock + Benefits

As a P&G employee, your financial benefits package presents both opportunity and room for a little clarity. Our goal at Schmitt Wealth Advisers is to provide financial and retirement planning insight specific to the company you work for. One of the first steps in the process is understanding your financial comfort level and where you fall on the scale. To this, we’ve created a simple Financial IQ questionnaire aimed at providing you with your own results.

Our decades of experience with P&G employees have given our team unique access to the vast financial landscape of corporations as well as the ability to tailor financial plans specific to the path P&G employees are on.

We have everything P&G-related you need to know available in our custom curated portal, including information on:

Get the P&G insight and feel more confident in the outlook of your financial future.

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