Test Your P&G Financial IQ

As a P&G employee, you have many of the same concerns as every investor:  you’d like to be confident about your investment decisions and your retirement goals.

Having a sense of assurance in these areas can be complicated. Markets are dynamic and always in flux. Your personal finances are unique and often complex. We work with really smart people. Chemists, engineers, and scientists, who, as knowledgeable as they are, can feel overwhelmed trying to master their own finances.

Many of the people we met with for the first time felt the same way. They found that partnering with Schmitt Wealth Advisers can provide the confidence and peace of mind people want.

Over the years, we’ve developed a specialized knowledge and skill set to help P&G employees with their retirement benefits and leadership awards. That combined with our asset management and financial planning expertise helps clients feel comfortable they’re on target for financial success.

Working with a professional Adviser frees up time and energy for family and friends. More peace of mind to live life and pursue the things that matter most to you.

Are you confident about your personal financial future? Or are you feeling overwhelmed or just interested in other pursuits? You are not alone. If you are ready to hire a professional Adviser, great, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get started.  If not, we’ve created a “Financial IQ Quiz” to help you identify topics where you know plenty and topics where you may need a little help. Get started by taking these steps:

  • Fill Out the Form
  • Download the Quiz
  • Take the Assessment
  • Learn the Areas You Need to Improve
  • Consider contacting Schmitt Wealth Advisers and explore the benefits of working with a professional Adviser.

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