Test Your Financial IQ

P&G employees have one thing in common with almost all investors: they’d like to be confident about their retirement portfolio. Accomplishing this task is complicated because your individual finances are certainly unique and often complex. Every day we are talking with chemists, engineers, and scientists, really smart people, who, as knowledgeable as they are, often feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of detail to know and really understand about their finances. Many of our new clients initially felt the same way. They found that by partnering with Schmitt Wealth Advisers for our specialized experience on various P&G benefits, asset management, and comprehensive financial planning, they had a higher confidence in their financial decision making. Working with a specialized adviser affords them more time with family and friends, more peace of mind to live their life and pursue the things that matter most to them.

You are not alone. We work with clients every day with many of the same challenges, concerns, and reservations that you face; as a result, the work we do helps relieve their financial worries and feel more comfortable they are on the right financial path. In many of our initial conversations, people feel they may not have all the financial knowledge they should, so we’ve built a solution. We’ve created a “Financial IQ Quiz”. With it, you can highlight the areas where you know plenty and the areas where you may need a little help. Get started by taking these steps:

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  • Learn the Areas You Need to Improve
  • Plan Your Retirement Knowing You’ve Made Prudent Financial Decisions that Empower You to Confidently Live Your Life Outside of Your Career

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