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Your Career, Our Expertise

No two financial solutions are alike because everyone’s financial resources and goals are different. That said, depending upon your tenure and role as a Procter and Gamble employee, you have a set of benefits that are particularly unique compared to employees at other firms. It takes a true expert to help navigate the PST & ESOP Plan, 401K Savings Plan, STAR & LTIP awards, and other benefits that may be available to you. The team at Schmitt Wealth Advisers has partnered with both current P&G employees and alums for close to three decades. Whether you are a relatively new hire, mid-career, or contemplating retirement, we are at your service and prepared to develop specialized solutions just for you. If you have a pressing financial decision to make, want to develop retirement probability simulations, or have more general questions about your financial situation, we’d like to help!

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