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  • Infrastructure Bill

    Our Outlook

    On November 15th, President Biden signed a $1 trillion+ infrastructure spending bill into law. The bill focuses mostly on traditional infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges and rails that need maintenance and upgrades. Biden’s much larger and more controversial “Build Back Better” proposal for climate/green initiatives has not yet been approved by congress. Funding is to […]

  • Infrastructure & Budget Legislation

    US Senate Spending Bills On August 10, 2021, the US Senate passed a bi-partisan infrastructure funding bill worth $1.1 trillion (see more here).  The Senate bill allocates about 10% toward roads & bridges and smaller amounts for rails, ports, airports, and EV charging stations. According to Statista, in 2018, the US spent 0.52% of its […]

  • Bond Rates Are Declining, Why?

    Our Outlook

    What are Lower Yields Telling Us? On March 19, 2021, the benchmark ten-year US Treasury bond closed yielding 1.74%. By the first trading day in August the bond’s yield had dropped to 1.20%. With all of headlines and talk about rising inflation, why have bond yields dropped so significantly since March? The bond market and […]

  • Why My Property Tax Increased & Yours May Too

    Our Outlook

    A Rising Home Value is Good Right? Yes, but in a way it’s a double edged sword.  Have you looked at your mortgage escrow statement recently?  I did and my jaw dropped. My real estate taxes just jumped 31%. It must have been a mistake I thought. Then I called my county auditors office and […]

  • Focus on Personal Finances

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    High Debt Levels Higher levels of corporate, government, and personal debt may be creating a more fragile economic environment. In past decades, low debt was considered prudent and desirable. Today, fiscal policies pursued by the US Federal government have pushed our national debt over $28 trillion, and zero interest rate (ZIRP) monetary policies of the US […]

  • What About Bitcoin?

    Our Outlook

    Crypto Curiosity Record breaking prices propelled Bitcoin into the mainstream news this spring. We have fielded more and more questions about cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin specifically. It appears likely that blockchain technology and maybe some cryptocurrencies may survive. Ultimately, how they are regulated and how widely they will be used as currency or for […]

  • Taxes & Energy Policy

    Our Outlook

    Individual Tax Rates The current US government administration is considering raising taxes for individuals & families, corporations and even estates.  A recent CNBC article discussed how the Biden administration is looking to raise the top marginal tax bracket to 39.6% from 37.0%.  Coupled with this is the likelihood of lower income thresholds for each tax […]

  • Inflation and the Economy – 1st Half 2021

    Our Outlook

    Inflation – Persistent or Transitory? One of the biggest financial news themes this year has been inflation. There is no question that price inflation is on the rise.  Is it here to stay, or will recent increases be short-lived and transitory? Each month, a US government agency called the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) measures […]

  • A Look at Tax Increase Proposals

    Our Outlook

    Taking a look at the recently proposed 3% wealth tax and raising the top marginal income tax rate to 70%.

  • Much Ado About Tariffs

    Our Outlook

    Recently announced tariffs on steel & aluminum imports has created an economic commentary uproar. Should you be concerned?

  • Tax Reform & Economic Impact

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    In addition to reducing corporate & personal tax rates, recent tax reform has already resulted in dozens of U.S. Corporations announcing; new employee bonuses, increased minimum wage, new hiring intentions and new capital spending.

  • FOMC Rate Decision – November 2017

    Our Outlook

    The FOMC left the target rate unchanged at 1.00% – 1.25% effective November 1, 2017

  • FOMC Interest Rate Decision – June 14, 2017

    Our Outlook

    The FOMC raised short term interest rates by 1/4 percent to 1.00% effective June 14, 2017.