P&G Earnings Commentary for Q1 2024

Price Increases Drive 6% Net Sales Growth

Procter & Gamble reported Q1 2024 earnings on October 18, 2023.  P&G is a pillar of the Cincinnati economy, so we’ll take a look at their earnings in this note.

According to the company’s Q1 report, overall earnings were up: Net sales increased 6% versus last year, and diluted earnings increased 17% versus Q1 last year.

Despite higher net sales for the company, total unit sales (volume) declined by -1%. Looking closer, volume declined in every segment except Beauty, which posted no change. Consumers are spending more money on less product.

P&G Earnings:
Forex & Product Mix

The strong US dollar hurt earnings due to foreign exchange losses in all segments except Health Care, where exchange rates helped by 1%. Mix was a mixed bag with Beauty posting a -2% decline due to lower SK-II sales, and every other segment posting a positive 1% or 2%, putting the company-wide mix component up 1%.

P&G Earnings:
Higher Prices Drive Higher Sales

Price increases in every segment were the biggest driver of higher net sales for the quarter. Company-wide, prices rose 7%:

  • Health Care prices rose least, at 6%
  • Grooming prices rose the most, at 9%

P&G Earnings summary:
Gross Margins Higher

Pricing power, lower input costs, and higher productivity helped drive gross margins up 4.6%, even as SG&A costs increased by 2.6%, versus the year-ago quarter.Company Forecasts

Looking forward, P&G forecast their “all-in” sales growth between 2% to 4% for fiscal year 2024. The company adjusted its fiscal 2024 earnings per share between $6.25 to $6.43, versus fiscal 2023’s $5.90 per share. Procter and Gamble also expects as much as $800 million savings from lower commodity input costs, but they see savings fully offset by up to $1 billion in unfavorable currency exchange costs.

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